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Operational ​Excellence Meets ​Soulful Strategy & ​Tech Innovation

Expert consulting and fractional staffing ​services, designed to transform your ​vision into value.

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Road In The Desert

The best way to find yourself is to lose ​yourself in the service of others.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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I'm excited to offer my expertise through two distinct pathways: ​as a Consultant and a Fractional Staff member.

Consulting: Unlock the potential of your business with expert ​advice and strategic planning. Whether you're looking to ​refine your business strategy, explore new opportunities, or ​optimize operations, I'm here to guide you through every ​step.

Scope: Tailored advice to align with your business goals and ​challenges.

Approach: Collaborative and flexible, ensuring solutions that ​fit your unique needs.

Fractional Staff: Imagine having a seasoned expert ​integrating seamlessly into your team, driving projects ​forward, and implementing strategies on a functional level. ​That's what you get with my fractional staffing solution. I ​roll up my sleeves to work alongside you, ensuring the day-​to-day operations not only run smoothly but are also ​aligned with your long-term vision.

Scope: Hands-on expertise to enhance your team's ​capabilities and bridge the gap between operational needs ​and strategic goals.

Approach: Integrative and adaptive, working as an ​extension of your team to foster growth and operational ​excellence.

I am deeply committed to serving humanity and the Earth and I ​work with clients who share these same values. I am excited to ​see what’s possible and how my talents can support you, your ​business, and the unique gifts you bring to the world.

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Hi, I’m Deanna! I’ve been blessed with a 14+ year career ​supporting business operations for holistic wellness, ​personal healing and spiritual transformation ​companies.

A former Director of Operations for a global healing ​organization generating 2M in annual revenue, Chief ​Technical Officer for a 5M annual revenue business ​training consultancy, Managing Director for successful ​health & wellness digital platforms, and a pivotal Launch ​Manager for an Inc. 5000 business coaching company ​overseeing over 25M in launch revenue, my professional ​journey is nothing short of remarkable. My strategic ​acumen and operational expertise have been key drivers ​in helping my client scale their businesses to new ​heights.

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Courses & Content

Sometimes, all you really need is to know HOW to do something. You don't always need to bring on a ​full-time employee or even a consultant. I get it.

After 14 years of working shoulder to shoulder with solopreneurs and small business owners, I've seen ​firsthand what usually trips them up. So, I've channeled all that experience into creating courses, ​content, and digital goodies designed to really move the needle for your business.

And hey, if you’re just dipping your toes in, check out my free trainings and resources. They’re packed ​with insights you can actually use, no fluff.

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What people say about working ​with me...

As a small business owner, the decision to bring in Deanna as a fractional staff member ​was a no-brainer. Her ability to seamlessly integrate with my team and drive key projects ​forward was remarkable. Deanna's hands-on support in the day-to-day operations ​allowed me to achieve milestones faster and more efficiently. It was exactly the ​operational boost we needed.

Priya S., CEO of TechSolutions

Deanna’s Conscious Launch course was packed with actionable insights that I was able to ​implement into my business with ease. The depth of content, combined with Deanna's ​engaging teaching style, made learning both enjoyable and incredibly valuable. It’s rare to ​find courses that truly deliver on their promise - Deanna’s did.

Marcus W., Digital Marketing Manager

My experience with Deanna’s consulting services has been exceptional. She brings a ​unique blend of expertise, empathy, and actionable strategies (with soul) to the table, ​making every interaction impactful. During our first 3 months of working together, her ​insights helped me have my most profitable program launch ever.

Sofia R., Entrepreneur and Wellness Coach

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Articles & Resources

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